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 TUTOR - Origin and usage

The word tutor comes via Old French from the Latin ‘tutor’, meaning a guardian or watcher, from the root ‘tueri’ which means ‘to watch over’. ‘Tueri’ may derive from the Sanskrit word, ‘tavas’, which translates as strength, so the etymology clearly shows the term’s association with the idea of protection. The word ‘tuteor’ was in use in 13th century France, where it referred to a private teacher or guardian of a junior undertaking their studies.

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Why should I engage with a private tutor when I could just as easily provide my child with instruction books or practice tests? That’s a valid question. Especially since the financial commitment is significant enough to make you ask that question in the first place!

Our guiding philosophy at AcadRes reaches back into the history of the word ‘tutor’ (see quote above) because, in general, we think a solid education is foundational for leading a meaningful life, and that a good education should be based on foundational elements that have lasted through the years. That the tutor should have expert knowledge of the subject(s) tutored is a given. But let’s look at two other important aspects of the value of an AcadRes private tutor.

AcadRes Private Tutors as ‘Guardians’

While students’ interpretation of the content they learn on their own may vary with the degree of their background knowledge, the private tutor has the ability to ‘guard’ the integrity of the information presented so that it becomes useful to the students on their tests, assignments, and beyond. Moreover, an experienced tutor knows how and what information to add to their explanation to create the context necessary for the student to understand. A good tutor also knows how to ‘read’ a student and to navigate several ways of explaining a concept or problem solving process until it’s confirmed that the student reached a practical understanding.

AcadRes Private Tutors as Mentors

We often forget that the aim of most school assignments and standardized test preparation is to prepare the student to apply the fruits of what they learn to a final exam, or to a midterm, or the SAT / ACT, etc.. That type of performance and its subsequent score/grade assessment comers complete with test anxiety, confidence issues, and self-discipline challenges. Therefore a tutor needs to understand also a student’s motivational and behavioral framework and be able to guide, to ‘mentor,’ the student toward making full use of their intellectual and emotional potential. Our AcadRes tutors, therefore, have ample life and teaching experience to be able to bring each student to the finish line in a way that involves not just a better mastery of the subject matter but also a growth of the student’s maturity and understanding of her or his potential.

Finally, it as also important to us at Academic Resources that the tutoring experience includes an understanding from all that this journey has three equally important travelers: the student, the tutor, and the parent. By keeping the lines of communication open and accessible, we all ensure that the student has the structural and motivational resources both during our sessions and in between.

These one-to-one private tutoring sessions or custom group tutoring sessions (2 students/ 1 tutor) offer the students the ability to progress at their own pace while building a trusting and comfortable rapport with the tutor.  Due to this personal attention, the student's strong and weak points are targeted efficiently.

READY TO PREP? Choose the SAT Private Tutoring option that’s right for you

HOURLY. Customize your SAT test prep by purchasing hours a la carte.

Starting at $125/hour. Call to enroll (973) 292-0505


First Test: 12 week prep Program.

  • 1 hour of Math per week

  • 1 hour of English per week

  • 2 administered practice tests

Second (& Third) Test: 4-6 weeks prep program

  • 1 hour of Math per week

  • 1 hour of English per week

  • 2 administered practice tests