A Watched Pot Doesn’t Boil (How to Finish the ACT Reading Test)


The most common question we hear about the ACT is “how on earth will I finish the Reading section?”

Sit in front of a clock (a real one with second and minute hands, not your newfangled digital thingamajigs) and watch a minute go by. Watch every second tick past. Listen to the slow, steady march of the second hand. It’s kinda like watching a pot of water boil. It takes FOREVER.

The same way a watched pot doesn’t boil, a stared-at clock doesn’t get an ACT Reading passage done.

Job #1 when preparing for ACT Reading is to establish a pace that allows you to locate information in the passage and forces you to make quick yet positive decisions when you pick answers.

Mapping the information is a simple matter of learning how to ‘React-With-Your-Pencil’™ as you read. Your pencil can help you create a map of where vital information is within a 90-line passage.

Once you know where the information is, you’ll have a much better chance of finding the answers you need quickly. Kinda like how if you leave the room, the water will boil much faster than if you stand there staring at it.