The College Writing Conundrum

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Let’s face it - we live in a world of abridgment: convenient yet grammatically incorrect writing that would make English teachers of bygone days spin in their graves has become not only commonplace but also accepted. Teens have gone from diagramming sentences to abbreviating even the most casual of phrases (see btw, idk, lol, and ttyl). It is, then, no surprise that 90% of college professors judge their students to be “not very well prepared” in reading, doing research, and writing*. Even AP students may “still find the adjustment to college writing [to be] hard.”** It seems that, over time, writing standards for high school and college have become mismatched.

The reality is that college writing and high school writing are vastly different and many students find themselves floundering in their required college writing and composition courses. But no matter what field a student plans to enter, business or bowling, writing well is an essential life skill that breeds organization and critical thinking. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is worth its weight in gold not only to college professors, but, ultimately, to potential employers.

College Writing Article Image
College Writing Article Image