3 Quick & Easy 'TO-DOs' for an Effective School Year - PART 2

3 quick & easy to-dos - FB cover.png

Congratulations on committing to planning! And on understanding the value of doing it regularly, ideally weekly. Now let’s take care of a few things that will make it much easier to make use of your amazing planning skills.


Time has a nasty habit of moving forward without you. If you fall behind because of lack of organization - losing an assignment sheet, not realizing your English essay is due tomorrow because the assignment prompt was in your Spanish folder - it will be difficult and stressful to catch up. And you might have already done irreparable damage to your grades. This next TO-DO is SO simple to accomplish but can have an enormous impact on your school year:

Have ONE binder for EACH course. You can get the thinner ones so you don't have to rent a U-Haul to get to school. But dividing your subject notebooks (again, binders are preferred) can save you from the often inevitable misplacement of important material caused by the "I'll just throw it in here for now and file it when I get home" syndrome.

If your class uses web-based cloud organization like Google Drive, for example, then you still want to make a folder for EACH subject. Again, using the Drive is just my preference. But more and more teachers also seem to be using it in their courses. Of course, you could choose to make folders right on your desktop. During the year, make sure that as soon as you get an assignment you file it in the appropriate folder. You should strive to always know where all your school-related work is so you don’t waste precious time looking for worksheets, review sheets and others that you could be spending… on Snapchat - JUST KIDDING!

Keep an updated spreadsheet with major class milestones (project due, mid-term, final, etc) as a separate and ALWAYS visible sheet (if using binders) or file (if you’re working online). Of course, as soon as you are given notice of such dates, they should be entered in your web calendar.

Now that you’ve completed two of the most important things you can do to ensure a smoother, better school year, let’s find out about the MOST important tool to keep you ‘on track.’ Follow us on IG @academicresources or on our FB page to be notified of PART 3!