3 Quick & Easy 'TO-DOs' for an Effective School Year - PART 3

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If someone at school asked you ‘did you’ wake up this morning, you would be able to answer pretty quickly:’yes!’ But what if someone asked you ‘why?’… ‘Wait, what??’ you might say. Or what if the question was ‘Why did you come to school? Why did you do your homework? Why did you stay up late with your friends to finish that chem project?’ The answer to those questions, if I may suggest, should always be: because I have a goal!


Although it doesn't seem as practical a TO-DO as the first two, SETTING GOALS may be the MOST IMPORTANT factor towards having an effective school year. Planning and organizing are, after all, just tools - but what are the tools for? We usually use them to DO something, to ACHIEVE A RESULT. Setting goals can help you focus on what is important to you and can keep you motivated throughout the school year. Here are some examples of goals:

  • raise my GPA from 2.6 to 3.6 (shameless plug 1: our School Subject Tutoring)

  • be conversational in Spanish at completion of Spanish IV - btw, if by this point you're not, then SOMETHING IS WRONG!

  • make the varsity team in (fill in the sport)

  • visit three colleges so I can get really excited about college

  • ACTUALLY READ my English books for the first time ever, so I can save my parents some money on SAT/ACT prep! (shameless plug 2: our Standardized Test Prep)

Without specific goals you cannot make specific decisions or take specific actions. You get lost in the general behavior of "just another school day without purpose." The result of living with that paradigm is often loss of interest, procrastination, and ... well, it doesn't get any better from there. SO. SET. GOALS.

As always, hope this series helped. Feel free to leave comments and/or ask questions. And here's to an effective school year!

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