Our Philosophy

We believe the process is supposed to be fun, not high pressure and stressful.

We feel college is the start of a journey not a destination. It is an opportunity to start fresh and choose the best academic and social environment for the student to thrive.

We don’t feel there is only one college for a student. Though they are likely to have a favorite, we believe that every student should have academic, geographic, social, athletic and financial options when the process is completed and we help your family find them.

We believe in working as a team to accomplish your goals but also holding the student accountable so they actively participate in the process.

We feel that making progress through the process will alleviate stress and yield a smooth, productive result.

We believe in getting to know your student very well so they trust us and see us as positive resources even beyond them making a final college decision. Many of our students come back to us after they start college for many reasons and we love that they do!

We don’t believe that most high school students know the career they want to pursue and that is completely normal. However, we aid them in exploring the potential majors that interest them so they use the right criteria in creating their college list and can ultimately find the right programs for them.


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