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My tutors knew exactly how to improve my weaknesses and bring my scores up. I recommend Academic Resources to anyone looking to improve their grades.
— G.L., Morristown (140 point improvement)
I had an excellent experience at Academic Resources...The classes were extremely small and taught me how to approach the SAT. The teachers pinpointed what I needed to improve on and helped me to do so efficiently.
— L.R, Branchburg, NJ (220 point improvement)
My class at Academic Resources really helped me prepare for the SAT. I was much more relaxed going into them and did far better than I expected to. They taught me many useful techniques that were a big help on the day of the test.
— K.B., Morristown NJ
I want to thank Academic Resources for helping me prepare for the SAT I and II...All the work paid off because I am going to my first-choice college next year!
— K.K., Mendham NJ