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Northern NJ Educational Forum

  • Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child 44 Blackburn Road Summit, NJ, 07901 United States (map)
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Russ Vitale, director of College Planning Services will be presenting 3 great workshops at the “Northern NJ Educational Forum” hosted at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child on October 27th 9am-4pm. Join Russ as he provides a step by step approach to the college process, explaining how to avoid the mistakes many make so your student’s college journey will be a success.

  1. The 5 Most Important Tips for the College Admissions Process

    Decades of experience can go a long way in advising how you can minimize the uncertainty and tension that are often associated with the college application and admissions process. Learn how to avoid the big mistakes families often make, and gain the knowledge invaluable in enabling your child to get into his, or her, top choices. Discover how to make the best use of all of your assets – time, money, student focus, and how to get started and keep you on track toward your goals. It’s all covered in the Five Tips

  2. Factoring the “Happiness Index” in College Placement 

    It cannot be stressed enough that a college provide that “right fit”. For, however competitive, or convenient, a college might be, the fact is that if your child is neither happy nor secure with his, or her, college experience, then most likely your child would perform at a fraction of his, or her, capabilities. If you knew your child was going to be safe and happy whatever college is attended, wouldn’t you sign up for that? Take this step and learn how to find the right schools for your student; how to balance between reaching for your child’s best academic options while optimizing the “happiness index” so that your student can make the most of the college journey.

  3. Energizing Your Efficiency Quotient   (grades 6-12)

    Time management skills: an essential requirement for life.  We flood ourselves with commitments. Or, our plates are overfilled with those looming responsibilities that we don’t want to address. It all comes down to time management: how to be efficient with your time whether you are studying for a test, planning a family party, or running for student government … all at the same time. Managing your schedule and prioritizing your agenda can go a long way in lowering your stress while handling your obligations. Come join in and learn techniques guaranteed to make your life easier, your attitude happier, and your health stronger.

Earlier Event: October 27
Later Event: October 28