Our Packages & Services


SENIOR ROADMAP includes the following:

  • Face-to-face consultations: Three 45-minute meetings to ensure you are on the right path. Step by step directions on how to successfully navigate your student's college journey.

  • FREE College Bootcamp Enrollment: ($299 value) Up to three (3) sessions to brainstorm, edit and complete your Common Application essay.

  • Expert Guidance: Confidence, clarity and comfort from advice and guidance for your college list, essay interviews and application strategies.


Guidance & Peace of mind for Seniors includes:

  • Face-to-face consultations: Up to seven 45 minute meetings used to discuss any aspects of the college process where you need trusted guidance and assistance. These meetings are for families looking for expert advice and clear direction on your next steps as well as how to avoid common mistakes families make.

  • FREE College Bootcamp Enrollment: ($299 value): Up to three (3) sessions to brainstorm, edit and complete your Common Application essay.

  • Support & Guidance: This service will provide support for the other challenging aspects of the college application and admissions process to ensure you avoid common mistakes and are efficient throughout your journey, including ongoing Email Support; Supplemental essays; Application Polishing; Interview Prep; Financial Aid Counseling; Rolling Early Action; Early Decision strategies.


ESSAY & APPLICATION NAVIGATOR includes up to 8 face-to-face meetings to brainstorm essay topics, edit essays until completed, complete the Common App and supplemental essays.  All grammar edits and ongoing emails support included. 


COLLEGE DECISION TRACKER includes up to 3 meetings to discuss your final college decision including the best match school, financial award review and/or program comparisons.


You can ADD-ON to the following packages:

  • Essay & Application Navigator

  • Senior Roadmap

  • GPS for Seniors

You can add essays for up to 5 additional colleges and/or applications for same. It also can be used to add up to 5 additional meetings.